Our Idea

明日之后职业选择 Environment and sustainable development have become an issue that the human society must face and resolve. For many years, Bull has been regarding harmonious development as one of the most important ideas for the management of the company. We have been actively exploring energy-saving and emission-reducing ways of production, promoting lean production and product value, devoting to social welfare, and participating in charity activities such as distributing relief to people in disaster areas or to the poor and teaching in remote areas, trying to fulfill corporate social responsibility for the construction of a harmonious society.

Bull and the Environment

Fulfilling the responsibility of environmental protection and promoting the harmonious development of human and nature play a significant role in the sustainable developing plan of Bull. We have been adhering to the sustainable development of environmental protection and economic construction over the past many years:

Improvement of Environmental Management System

We actively generalize innovative and advanced environmental management system to all production sectors to promote sustainable development.

Lightening of Environment Load through
Energy-saving Production

We constantly refine the internal management stages to make them more precise, introduce energy saving equipment, improve the level of energy-saving and environmental-protecting technologies used in products, in order to reduce energy consumption during production.

Environmental Protection in Production Process

For the purpose of promoting the development of circulating economy industry, we lighten the environmental load and reduce consumption of water, electricity and other kinds of energy through the recycling and integration of wastes in production process.

Bull and Development

Keeping customers’ needs in mind, we have remained consumer-oriented and made continuous improvement and innovation to enhance product value over many years. From 2008 to 2013, the growth rate of sales of Bull products was far higher than the average of the entire industry, and the tax paid to our country was also increasing year by year. In addition, the number of employees is growing at an average rate of about 300 per year. Bull is providing more jobs for the society, with more than 6000 employees working for us at present. As a famous brand in the sockets and adapters industry, Bull is committed to expanding its business towards overseas. At present, sales channels and sales agencies of Bull have been set up in more than 10 countries and regions, such as the United States, Russia, and Southeast Asia. In the future, Bull will continue to innovate and surpass in the aspects of development strategy, brand building, product R&D and business model, and pursue becoming the leading brand in the international power connection industry.

Charity Activities

Bull, as a member of the society, not only provides customers with the best products and services, but also has actively participated in social public welfare undertakings for many years so as to continue to promote the harmonious development of the society.

  • The 6th Bull Positive Energy Health
    Promotion Project
  • Pass love, save life- Free Blood
    Donation Activity
  • Bull Positive Energy Society Love Caring
    Project-Bull is on the way
  • Employees express appreciation for the
    charity assistance
  • Love-caring Activity in Wenchuan
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